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Sonia | Rainbow Rice

Rainbow Rice is a versatile toy, a great addition to our sensory tub.

Dharaa has found many ways to play with this delightful open-ended resource.

Rainbow Rice

Geetanjali | fish n sort

I was looking for a fishing toy for helping my child develop pre-writing skills. The fishing rod is sturdy and perfect for my son unlike the others with flimsy thread which tangles easily.

Fish n Sort

sabia | donut wagon

My little one loves his Glee Toys and has lately been taken to grabbing and rolling his Donut Wagon. ​

The attractive sounds and colors are quite engaging

Donut Wagon

Vieony | Nom Nom

Loving this natural wooden teether, and the fact that it is natural and chemical free.

The fish is cuddly and really effective in soothing Zach.

Nom Nom

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