Silky | Waldorf Inspired Smooth & Soft Play Silks | Colorful Play Scarves

Rs. 550

Play Silks, fabric play silks


  •  Silky is a set of five extremely smooth, soft and versatile fabric pieces in five lovely colors, square pieces of approx 21 X 21 inches.
  • Play silks can be used to play hide and seek with your children.
  • This is a fabric play silks enabling your child’s imagination to be whatever they would like to be.
  • Play Silks have been a staple in Waldorf & Steiner focussed classrooms for decades. It was probably child-led discovery of this open-ended fabric play that led to the widespread use of play silk.
  • Play silks can be useful for teaching children how to tie a knot.
  • It's quite interesting how children are just drawn to them, maybe it is the colours and soft sensory feel of the silk and the fact that they are not a normal 'toy' therefore more interesting by default.
  • Play silks are widely considered to be the most open ended “toys” there could be. You don't need to show your kids how to use a Play Silk - they will show you!



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