Morpho | Taste-Safe, 100% Food-Grade Play Dough for Children

Rs. 395

  • Morpho is the ultimate open-ended play experience with endless possibilities. Play dough is one of those toys that inspire creativity in a child and help them to develop their own sense of imagination. Children can create with ease as the Morpho is super soft, warm and pliable.
  • Morpho is an extremely soft playdough and is made from nontoxic materials.
  • Morpho is 100% natural and handmade with love. It is odor free, silky smooth and extremely soft and pliable. It comes in a pack of six bright colors – red, blue, purple, yellow, pink and green. Each colour weighs about 120 gms.
  • Morpho is a soft rolling pin, which lets your child use their imagination to create unique objects and shapes from the playdough.
  • Since Morpho is all natural, it can be used upto 6 months if stored in an airtight container or in a refrigerator. The dough is food safe but is not meant for consumption.
  • White flakes and dryness after loads of play are completely ok given the ingredients; you could add a bit of vegetable oil and knead, Morpho should be as good as new!
  • Skills developed: Fine Motor, creativity and storytelling enhances speech & language


  • Type: play dough

● Weight (gm): 120 gm each color

● Material: Wheat Flour, Veg oil, Cream of tartar, food colors & Sal

● Skills Encouraged: Fine Motor, Storytelling & Hand Eye Coordination

● Ethically Sourced: Glee Natural Toys are sourced responsibly from Fair Trade Organizations

● Please Note: Glee Natural Toys are handmade by experienced artisans, and handmade items, by nature, have imperfections and inconsistencies. Based on the creative process, each toy is unique and different from another.


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