SE0103: 90's Games for "The Gen Alpha"


Summer vacations are coming to an end, but for mothers, the show has to go on forever. That's right- Engaging the Kids.

In the latest episode of Millennial Maa, Shruthi was struggling to engage her kid and was missing her worry-free childhood.

Then, Puja reminisced some more, and together found a brilliant solution!

Curious? Listen to find out how games from our childhood can help us engage our kids and also have fun.

Let's introduce Generation Alpha to the magic of the ’90s.

Show them what PLAY actually means!!

Tune in and if you like what you hear, share it with your friends from the 90’s. 

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The conversation:

In this episode of the Millennial Maa, Pooja and Shruthi discuss how to keep their kids entertained this summer. They share their own experiences, as well as some tips from other parents.

The Challenges of Summertime Entertainment

Summer can be a long and challenging time for parents. Kids are out of school and have a lot of free time, which can be difficult to fill. Parents may also be feeling the pressure to keep their kids entertained and engaged, especially if they are working or have other commitments.

The Benefits of Playing 90s Games

Pooja and Shruthi suggest that parents bring back the 90s by playing some of their childhood games with their kids. They argue that these games are just as fun and engaging as modern activities, and they can also teach kids valuable skills.

Some of the Benefits of Playing 90s Games Include:

  • Physical activity: Many 90s games involve physical activity, which is important for kids' health and development.
  • Social skills: 90s games often require kids to interact with each other, which helps them develop social skills such as cooperation and teamwork.
  • Problem-solving skills: Some 90s games require kids to solve problems, which helps them develop critical thinking skills.
  • Creativity: Many 90s games involve creativity, which helps kids express themselves and explore their imaginations.
  • Literacy skills: Some 90s games involve reading or writing, which helps kids develop literacy skills.

Tips for Playing 90s Games with Kids

  • Choose games that are appropriate for your child's age and interests.
  • Make it fun! The most important thing is to make sure that the kids are having fun.
  • Don't be afraid to get creative. There are no rules when it comes to playing games, so feel free to make up your own rules or adapt the games to your child's interests.
  • Get involved. Playing games with your kids is a great way to bond and spend time together.


Playing 90s games is a fun and easy way to keep kids entertained this summer. These games are also beneficial for kids' physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. So get out there and start playing!

Here are some specific 90s games that Pooja and Shruthi recommend:

  • Hopscotch: This classic game is a great way to get kids moving and improve their hand-eye coordination.
  • Hide-and-seek: This game is a fun way for kids to get some exercise and develop their problem-solving skills.
  • Tag: This simple game is a great way for kids to burn energy and have fun.
  • Playing Cards: The different patterns and colours of the playing cards can be used to teach many concepts to young kids like numbering, counting, pattern finding and many more.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. There are many other great 90s games that you can play with your kids. So get creative and have some fun!



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