Glee Natural Toys is a mom-made brand. 
We enjoy playing with our little one and in the process, reconnecting with the child within.
We appreciate the power of play to spark joy, bonding, learning, and creativity. It is especially important in early childhood, where the child interacts with the environment, learns primarily through play, and develops at a disproportionate pace.
Our aspiration is to enable plastic-free, worry-free, free play in your child's foundational years. In the initial years, we feel our children should be given toys as close to nature as possible. We offer a wide range of thoughtfully designed toys and accessories for young children in their first five years. Most of our toys are curated and designed based on our own observations and learning from playing with children. We draw inspiration from play-based philosophies such as Montessori and Waldorf and believe that play is mostly the child not as much the toy.
Glee Toys is on a mission to give you sustainable, safe, and engaging alternatives for play. We are interested in everything related to playing and toys for young children and always happy to offer play-related advice.
Glee Toys are ​Child Safe
  • Lightweight, non-splintering wood (Pine/Ivory)
  • Non-toxic paint and smooth edges
  • No small or loose parts
Glee Toys are Sustainable
  • Our Toys are ethically sourced from Fair Trade Organizations and Self Help Groups, we take pride in ensuring fair wages to our partners
  • All-Natural material
  • Proudly Made in India
Glee Toys are Thoughtful
  • Encourages age-appropriate, early child development
  • Promotes open-ended play
  • Not segregated by gender
We are a young brand, therefore your feedback, support, and suggestions help us grow from strength to strength.