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They say- Motherhood is the hardest job you will ever love

Starting from the first light of the day to finishing the daily chores till the last minute, Motherhood revolves around the regular chaos and mess around the house. And in the flow, there are too many things that Mothers take too seriously.

 And we are here to tell you Mothers- We get it!

With every other person giving you parenting tips in Social Media, we bring to you, Millennial Maa, Our weekly Podcast where you can listen to everything in and around Motherhood, except for Parental Gyaan.

This Podcast is about two Indian millennials who happen to be moms and are still figuring out their way through Parenting, Sharing their views, Real Indian Parenting stories, Experiences, their Wins & Fails around Parenting.

So if you are looking for some Real stories and Conversations that are definitely not preachy, do tune in to Millennial Maa and share it with your friends and family to let every mother know that in this roller coaster journey of Motherhood, they aren't alone.

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