Flowy - Handmade Waldorf Inspired Hand Kite

Rs. 245


Waldorf-inspired Flowy is hand kite designed to encourage movement and spark joy.

The colorful ribbons dance as your child runs and dances or as they zoom by on their cycle or scooter.  A perfect beach vacation companion for your child (or you) to feel the wind.

Fly the kite on your terrace for almost a meditative experience. Doubles up as great décor piece when not in use.


Flowy is a simple, hand kite toy made of neem wood, sealed with coconut oil and satin ribbons. The outer diameter of the ring is 7 cm wide. It has 7 detachable ribbons, each 42 inches long when untied. The ends of the ribbons have been sealed by heat to prevent fraying.

Parental supervision is required given the detachable ribbons. This is NOT intended to be used as a teether or for children below 3 years of age.

Available in a pack of one or two.


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