SupersCape | Superhero Costume for Children

Rs. 899


Are you looking out for a superhero costume for a fancy dress party for your kid?


Look no further as SupersCape is here to accompany your child's adventures of dramatic pretend play! 


A Superhero dress set for children, complete with a cape, a mask and a waistband.


Dress up your child in a silky soft yet durably cape with an elastic neckband. The wooden button with a stretchy loop makes the SupersCape easy to put on and take off after completing a mission.


The cute frilly peter pan collar is unlike any other cape you may have seen. SupersCape is the perfect Superhero costume for boys and girls between 3-7 years of age.


SupersCape is paired with a reversible mask and a waistband, all made from soft and smooth felt. The cape is available in two colors, Red and Blue. The waistband comes with velcro patches, making them easy to wear and adjust the length.



 • Suitable for: Kids between 3 - 7 years of age.

 • Material: Japanese Satin

 • Weight: 100 gm

 • Cape Dimension:

Length - 34 inches

Width (Bottom) - 35 inches

Width (Neck) - 18 inches

Collar Length - 5 inches


• Waistband Dimension:

Length - Adjustable to 18 - 24 inches

Width - 3 inches

• Mask Dimension: 7 X 3 inches


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