5-in-1 Play Dough Activity Kit

Rs. 499


Looking for screen-free activities to engage your child ? Try our 5 in 1, play dough activity kit, designed to attract your toddler’s attention.

Children love playing with our super soft and squishy play dough. It is handmade with only edible ingredients and no artificial preservatives, and is absolutely safe for your child. 

The 5-in-1 Play dough Activity Kit contains instructions and material for five age appropriate activities and is great value for money.


  1. One jar (120 grams) of dual shade play dough 
  2. Stamp - Three themed stamps to create patterns
  3. Cut - Child safe scissors for cutting
  4. Poke - Colorful pipe cleaners for embellishments
  5. Fill - A double sided, reusable mat to fill with play dough
  6. Roll - A rolling pin to roll out shapes

This open ended kit is designed to help your child develop their fine motor skills and encourages creativity and free play. 

The kit comes in a neat box, easy to carry while travelling and a perfect gift for a 2 - 6 year old child. 


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