Astro Voyage | Wooden Rocket Stacker Toy

Rs. 1,480


To Infinity & Beyond !

Most of us aspired to be astronauts at some time in our lives, longing to explore the unknown of the star-studded heavens.

This stacker toy is how we relive those dreams, we call it the Astro Voyage, as we embark on a fun journey of adventure and exploration with tiny tots. Astro Voyage is an ideal rocket stacker toy. Also, did we mention, this sturdy piece can be saved as a permanent fixture on your child's shelves.

Astro Voyage is designed like a rocket, with each piece crafted meticulously and aesthetically. The stacker is made of ivory wood, which is used traditionally by toymakers as it is lightweight and smooth-grained. It is finished with non-toxic paint & polish and there are no small parts/choking hazards making it absolutely safe to play with.

Stacker toys encourage fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills.



● Type: Stacking Toy 

● Dimensions ( in mm): 100 X 100 X 250

● Material: Ivory Wood (Wrightia tinctoria). Handcrafted with Non Toxic Paint & Polish

● Skills Encouraged: Fine Motor, Problem Solving & Hand Eye Coordination

● Ethically Sourced: Glee Natural Toys are sourced responsibly from Fair Trade Organizations

● Please Note: Glee Natural Toys are handmade by experienced artisans, and handmade items, by nature, have imperfections and inconsistencies. Based on the creative process, each toy is unique and different from another.


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