Wooden Crocket Bunny Teether

Rs. 495


Switch to plastic free neemwood teethers for your little one. 

Bunny Teether is designed to relieve teething troubles and itchy gums and is available in cute pastel shades you can choose from. 

We feel the toy which goes into a child's mouth should be as close to nature as possible. Bunny Teether has a neem wood ring polished with cold-pressed coconut oil for smoothness. The bunny ears are made of natural dyed cotton thread.

The amigurumi woven pair of bunny ears are entirely detachable and make the teether attractive with an extra grip. Neem wood has natural antibacterial properties, making the teether all the more suited to your baby's chewing needs.

Please don't soak the teether, and ensure that the teether isn't left wet as it may absorb moisture and warp; just use a damp cloth to wipe it and air dry the wooden part after use.
Cloth Part may be hand washed with mild detergent occasionally.


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