Fish n Sort | Handmade Fishing & Sorting Toy

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Fish n sort is a magnetic fishing toy designed to engage your child.

The colorful amigurumi fish are very lightweight and the fishing rod is designed with a strong magnet to pull up the fish. Fish n sort is an ideal fishing toy for your child to improve their hand eye coordination. 


We have taken good care to design the rod with a sturdy line, which will not break easily or get tangled. The stick is short and stubby so that toddlers can have better control while picking the fish. The set comes with four color trays to sort the fish.

Fish n sort is a versatile toy encouraging skills like fine motor, hand eye coordination, pincer grip and color concepts. The sturdy and extremely well finished wooden tray can be reused for other sorting and matching activities.


The wood used is neem, finished with non-toxic colors and sealers, being lightweight and smooth it is very easy to handle. The fish is made of 100% cotton thread making it absolutely safe to play with. Magnets are secured and stitched so that there are no loose parts.




  • Suitable for: 1 +
  • Material: Neem Wood, Non-Toxic Paint & Polish, cotton thread, secured magnets and polyfill
  • Weight < 300 gm
  • Care : Please don't wash/soak the wooden part, cotton fish can be hand-washed with a gentle detergent.
  • Type: pretend play
  • Dimensions: Rod - 6 inches Fish - 2.5 inches Tray - 5 X 5 inches
  • Skills Encouraged: Fine motor, Hand Eye Coordination, Pincer Grip and Color Concepts.
  • Ethically Sourced: Glee Natural Toys are sourced responsibly from Fair Trade Organizations.
  • Please Note: Glee Natural Toys are handmade by experienced artisans, and handmade items, by nature, have imperfections and inconsistencies. Based on the creative process, each toy is unique and different from another.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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