High Contrast Flash Cards for Babies | 16 Free A5 Printables

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Why do you need High Contrast Play Resources for babies?

  1. For the first 4 months, babies can focus on objects 8 to 10 inches from their face and cannot discern colors
  2. Babies Develop color vision by 5 months
  3. High contrast B/W objects help in focusing and developing eye muscles
  4. Babies have an easier time focusing on high-contrast objects during the first few months.

Visual stimulation is an important developmental stage that you can help strengthen very easily.

Make your own high contrast cards by following these simple steps:

  1. Click on "Buy it now" 
  2. Fill in your check-out information
  3. Click on “Continue to payment” followed by “Complete your order“
  4. Download the PDF File
  5. Take a printout - choose thicker paper / Cardstock if possible
  6. You can choose an A4 OR A5 print size depending on the space you want to use these cards in
  7. You can laminate OR insert into transparent bags for cards to last longer

Offer these to a new baby in the family and watch them interact with the cards



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