Petting Zoo | Wooden Farm Animal Peg Dolls ( Set of 5 )

Rs. 1,080


Introducing the petting zoo, with Chunmun, Wabbit, Piggy Wiggy, Moo and Buzzy, commonly found at a farm near you. That's what we call them but you may choose your own names. This set of attractively designed farm animal figurines are modelled after peg dolls and has the potential to be played with in many variations. The petting zoo is the perfect set of zoo animal toys for your child.


Figurines have many applications, from basics like animal colours and sounds to advanced concepts like storytelling, pretend play and taking care of pets. The petting zoo inhabitants make great return gifts as well. These are the safest animal toys as we have used non toxic paint.


The figurines are made of ivory wood, which is used traditionally by toymakers as it is lightweight and smooth-grained. It is finished with non-toxic paint & polish and there are no small parts/choking hazards making it absolutely safe to play with. The petting zoo is designed to inspire creativity in you and your child.




● Type: Pretend Play

● Dimensions ( in mm): 35 X 35 X 70

● Material: Ivory Wood (Wrightia tinctoria). Handcrafted with Non Toxic Paint & Polish

● Skills Encouraged: Problem Solving, Creativity, Fine Motor, Speech & Language and Hand Eye Coordination.

● Ethically Sourced: Glee Natural Toys are sourced responsibly from Fair Trade Organization.

● Please Note: Glee Natural Toys are handmade by experienced artisans, and handmade items, by nature, have imperfections and inconsistencies


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