Less is More - 7 Steps to Declutter your Kid's Room

Are you a mom who finds your kid’s room always chaotic with too many toys, even though you try to keep it organized as much as possible? Every time you enter the toy room, you step on a lego or a puzzle piece. It could take a couple of hours to clear up just one single room.

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First of all, we got you.

With growing children, clutter is unavoidable and that means a whole cycle of endless cleaning and a whole lot of stress. We understand how you wish to have a clean bedroom but the circle of cleaning process never ends. But that might not be the only issue with a disorganized toy room.

According to child behavior experts, too many toys distract kids and reduce their focus. Many studies have suggested that playing with too many toys could affect the concentration level of kids and even hamper their creativity, life skills, social interactions, and imagination.

Clutter sucks the joy out of an exciting game and your child might feel disoriented with everything mixed up around them.

The solution is minimalism and mindfulness. These are game changers when it comes to keeping the room tidy, at the same time keeping our minds sane. Decluttering makes life way simpler for both the parents and the kids.

With a living room chock-full of toys, kids, toddlers, and babies might feel over stimulation with so much information to absorb. Rather than enjoying downtime after a long day, they're wound up from too many choices and can't focus on just one toy or activity.

There have been several research studies that show the impact of a child’s environment on their approach to and behavior when playing. From time to time organizing toys is going to make physical & mental space for play, and reduce the sensory overload on the child.

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 Here are a few tips to declutter your kid's room and how it benefits you and your kid:

  1. The first step to decluttering would be by segregating toys into categories of which are more played with and putting put away the ones that they don't need.
  2. Invest in large storage boxes & easy pick bags for clearing up toys and have a designated place for all the toys. This will save up a lot of space and keeping the same type of toys together helps the kids to choose easily.
  3. Be mindful about the toys that you want to keep. Toys that encourage imagination and creativity, like, Open-ended toys can be used in different ways with a bit of imagination. The ones with lights and noises cannot be used in many ways.
  4. Follow the 20 toy rule- Let your children choose 20 toys to keep in the playroom, put the rest into storage boxes and then remove them from the house. Either donate them, sell them, or give them away to children of friends and family.
  5. Less is more. If your child does not have too many toys, they learn different ways of playing with toys that they do have. Also, they start valuing the toys that they have.
  6. When kids have too many toys, they don’t feel the need to play with anyone else. This hampers their social interaction skill. Lesser toys mean kids will find other kids to play and this encourages them to develop relationships with people, rather than things.
  7. Encourage your child to do a cleanup routine - it helps them learn life skills. It might be difficult initially but with time, they will start enjoying this and it would become a routine to organize things and have a clutter-free room. Also, involve them in segregating toys that have to be given away so that you know if they are ready to purge the excess and are ok with it.

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Everything said and done, we still realize that a bit of clutter is inevitable and we hope our tips help you get started.

Social media has built an image of everything being perfect and this puts a lot of pressure, especially on moms. Remember, kids, grow faster than we realize and we need to focus one step at a time. Don't stress the aesthetics - done is better than perfect!

We understand that a mom is continuously busy, running errands, finishing the job, and looking after the kids and it can be overwhelming sometimes. The key is reminding yourself that you are not alone.



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