15 unique gifts for a Newborn

The arrival of a newborn baby is a joyous occasion, not only for the family but also for friends and relatives. Gifting a newborn can be a bit confusing sometimes especially if you don’t have much experience in this field. While the baby might not remember what you bought, the parents definitely will.

We have done our research regarding what would make a thoughtful and useful toy and the best ideas have come from experienced parents, especially new moms who exactly know what they need for their child. Like, a new mom would be happier to get a set of soft cotton clothes for the baby rather than a party gown or a stationary set.

For a gift that is thoughtful and age-appropriate, here are a few ideas that will get you through your present-finding mission.


Enabling playtime

Baby playing with wooden toy

Playtime is one of the most important parts of a child’s physical and sensory development, you could contribute by gifting them toys that are interesting, engaging, and fun.


Rattles are kind of the first toys that any child owns and one of the most cherished ones too. Babies are fascinated by the sounds they produce and follow the path of the rattle with their eyes.

Wrist rattles and foot finders are great sensory toys for babies as they help them in their natural movement. They act as a great accessory for babies and as the baby grows they serve as a teether too.

We would suggest you go for wrist rattles that are soft and comfortable, preferably made of non-toxic materials, instead of regular wooden rattles that are not baby safe and also requires assistance for playing. Wrist rattles would make a great baby gift.

Play Gym and Play Mat

Play Gyms are a great way to help improve a baby’s sensory and motor skills as they are very engaging.

When the baby can lie comfortably on their tummy, Play Mats are a great place for them to explore new colors, shapes, and designs on them giving them great visual stimulation.

A set of Play Gym and a Play Mat would be an ideal gift for a newborn.

Toy Basket

There are an endless number of things that can be gifted to a baby but you can never go wrong with toys. You can gift a huge set of baby toys like soft toys, rattles, crochet toys, tummy time sensory toys, some teethers, Grip and grasp toys and the list goes on.

Flash Cards and Bath Books

Babies can be introduced with High Contrast Flash Cards as early as 3 months. These help them improve their sense of identification of objects, and boost their memory. Not just flashcards, babies love to play with books too. Getting a child started with books with bright colors at an early age is a mindful activity and before you know it, books become an integral part of their life. You can gift them books with simple words and clear pictures for them to focus easily. Bath time   books can be great bath toys. There are options like Newborn Gift set of Flash cards and Bath books.


The arrival of a new baby requires a whole lot of things from new clothes to skincare products to tummy time and so on. Here are a few gift ideas on how you can help the new parents plan better.

Newborn cloth set

The ideal clothing gift for a newborn would be soft, airy, and comfortable and that avoids detailing like buttons and sparkly embellishments. You can choose baby clothing items like mittens, bibs, vests, caps, bath towels and booties.

Reusable diapers

Cloth diapers are a great practical gift for a newborn as they are reusable, gentle on the skin, and also environment friendly. Many reputed brands sell cloth diapers made of skin-friendly, non-toxic materials keeping in mind how fast a baby’s skin reacts. So for a thoughtful and beneficial gift, instead of a disposable diaper, going for a reusable diaper is highly appreciated by new parents.

Swaddling blanket

Swaddling has been part of caring for babies for centuries and a comfy and soft swaddling blanket ensures peaceful and undisturbed sleep, essential for a baby's growth.

Cotton muslin is the most popular option for swaddle blankets because it is naturally super soft and durable, and gets even softer the more it is used and washed.Its a nice gift option for the little ones.

Curated skincare hamper 

There is a large number of brands that make baby products that are gentle for the baby. You can make a cute hamper with all baby skincare products like a body wash, mild soap, moisturizer, shampoo, Bubble bath, massage oil, and many more. This would make a very thoughtful gift for the baby.


Traveling with a baby


Moving around for a long time with a baby can become a challenge if don’t have the right gear. Gifting items that make traveling easier for the parents would be really appreciated.


A baby stroller would be helpful for a walk around the park or a small trip to the zoo. It keeps the baby safe and helps parents move about freely without worrying. Strollers with a comfortable seat, recliners, storage options for snacks, and diapers would be a perfect gift.

Portable baby bed.

A Portable bed is a wonderful gift that makes parent’s life so much easier when they think about traveling or even an overnight stay at a friend’s place. There is a wide range of portable beds available in the market that are lightweight and durable.

Baby carrier

Studies suggest that wearing a baby close, especially in a carrier may help with anything from the baby’s health to their mood. The simple act of being held can help strengthen the bond and connection of a baby. Also, Baby gears or slings come in very handy when a parent needs to step out for a while with the baby, like a run to the grocery store or just for an evening walk.

Car Seat

Infant Car Seats keep the baby safe during car travel and trips to the doctor for vaccination. Also, there are Car seats with recliners that serve a dual purpose of a car seat and a cot for the baby during the journey.


Creating Memories


Newborn babies and memories go hand in hand, so here are a few ideas for gifting to create everlasting memories with the baby and the family.

Silver Items

It’s an age-long tradition to gift silver as it is considered to be auspicious. Silver metal has many health benefits so giving a silver bowl or a silver spoon would definitely make your gift exclusive. There are many options for silver like anklets, bangles, plates, or even glasses that you can gift.

Newborn photoshoot and Photo Album

New parents are always looking forward to clicking pictures and recording almost every movement of their little ones. Their baby’s first smile, first dress up, first play with a toy, and all the baby milestones. Arranging a proper photoshoot for the family would amaze them and recording all these beautiful memories in an album will only make it a cherished gift of all time for their bundle of joy.

Baby Room Décor Items

Selecting gifts for a newborn’s room is an exciting job in itself. Parents are setting up a nursery for their child and you can contribute by gifting a wide range of things like colorful bedsheets, rugs, drapes, wall stickers, or even a theme paint job. This effort of yours will be highly appreciated by the family.  


There are several occasions for newborn gifting such as Baby shower, seemantham, and naming ceremony. Now you have a list of unique gifts to refer to for all such events and make them extra special for the family.

All in all, the main thing to remember is that it is the thought and the effort behind the gift that matters.

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