Cuffy - Super Soft Wrist & Foot Rattles for Infants

Rs. 549


Dress up your tiny tots with these adorable wrist rattles. Designed for newborns, Cuffy is featherlight and gentle on skin as it is 100% cotton, plastic & Allergen Free. 

Wrist rattles are great sensory toys for the newborn explorer, who has yet to develop grip and strength to grab and grasp. Cuffy engages your little one with discernible patterns, rattling sounds, and an attractive and squishy animal. 

Cuffy encourages the baby's natural movement and are a precursor to rattles and other toys. Cuffy is made of the softest cotton fabric, super soft fastener, and securely sewn plush animal, making it perfect for baby's ankles or wrists.


• Suitable for: Babies and Infants

• Material: 100% cotton knitted material

• Weight: 50 gm

• Dimension: 15 X 6 cm

• Care: Hand Wash with mild, baby safe detergent


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