Wanda | Waldorf Inspired Magic Wand with Silk Streamer

Rs. 325


Silk Streamer, open ended play, toy for 3 year old child


Wanda is designed with all our heart, to encourage active play, free movement and make your child want to run and dance! This is the perfect open ended play toy for your 3 year old child. This toy is suitable for all genders.

A quintessential open-ended toy, Wanda can be used to cast a spell, write letters in the air, pretend to fish or dance while the ribbons wave in the wind.

 Wanda is made of pine wood with a natural wooden finish. The shimmering rainbow streamer is six feet long, made of 100% pure, high quality, lightweight mulberry silk. This toy is good for improving your child’s motor skills and hand eye coordination.

The wand is topped with a bright red heart colored with non toxic paint and finish.

 Also available in a three feet ribbon size for younger children! Needs adult supervision for younger children as the streamer could be a choking hazard.



  • Suitable for: 3 +
  • Skills: Gross Motor Skills, Hand Eye Coordination, Creativity
  • Material: Pine Wood, 100% pure natural Mulberry Silk, Non-Toxic Paint and Polish
  • Weight – 150 gm Dimension: 72 Inches long silk streamer, 8 Inches long wand

● Type: Open Ended Play, Blocks

● Dimensions: 21 X 6 X 3

● Skills Encouraged: Gross Motor; Hand Eye Coordination, Creativity

● Ethically Sourced: Glee Natural Toys are sourced responsibly from Fair Trade Organizations


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

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